Una selezione di alcuni loghi e marchi che ho disegnato fin ora.

A selection of logo designs I designed through the years.

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Qui trovi alcuni case study: cliccandoci, aprirai l’approfondimento del progetto.

These are a few in-depth case studies: clicking on the thumbnails you’ll open the specific project link or be able to check some extra content.

Logo design by Carin Marzaro
Logo design by Carin Marzaro

Loghi tematici in area professionale e industriale.

Thematic logotypes in the professional and manufactory field.

Loghi tematici in ambito musicale, danza e spettacolo.

Thematic logotypes about music, dance and performing arts.

Loghi tematici in area culturale e di turismo.

Thematic logotypes in the cultural and touristic area of interest.